Akashic Truth

Akashic Records Readings

Hello and Welcome!! We are all Devine beings, and we all want to know our soul or life "Purpose." The Akashic Records holds the key to unlocking this information for us. The Akashic Records are a compendium, or I like to think of it as a big endless library and each book holds every thought, every word, every intention, and emotion we have ever had or will have in this like and others. We all have a personal library of our own, and when we gain access we discover ourselves on soul level and can do readings on our children too. When we gain insight to this information and learn who we are and our loved ones, we create a much deeper bond and understanding for each other. Insight from the Akashic Records can be very healing,  give us clarity on our path, discover our purpose, and continue through life with confidence knowing that we are living our true divinity! When we live this way we raise our vibration and create more abundance in our lives!